Company Overview

iConwey was formed in 2010 with an IT solution philosophy in mind: offering the best products at the best prices, with the best service. We are driven IT company providing cost effective IT solutions. With iConwey we have bulk of satisfied customers around the globe. iConwey is pioneered service include web site and web application development; Software & Portal Development, Search engine optimization and Ecommerce development.

Beside our own software products we also provide professional custom solutions using our enormous experience in software development. Among our products are both standalone desktop applications and web development into larger business solutions.

Continued improvement and innovative ideas has been our policy for performance throughout the decades and ensures certain progress for many years to come. The success of our company has come about because of the use of one simple strategy: Give the customer the best products and service possible.

In today's world, things are quite different people don't buy 'software', they buy service, and expect to get software for free. Thus we have become a service company that provides software solutions. Generally our customers must specify their goals in order for us to deliver an exact solution to their problem.

From the very beginning, iConwey Software Solution, set out to develop software tools that help people do what they need to get the job done. iConwey believes in creating tools that work the way people do. Not the other way around. This philosophy is incorporated into every software product created and client served.

iConwey Software Solutions " Commit " to provide a wide range of support and services to help your organization improve the operations and process flow ,which leads to a better efficiency.

iConwey Software Solutions "Believes " in moving beyond customer services to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

iConwey software Solutions knows that Quality is a key requirement and this is the commitment that we strive to bring.

Vision And Mission

Our vision is to provide business solutions based on our products and services to our clients in the close region which are working to create difference in their businesses. Our products and industry knowledge will complement our services to reach this goal, and are the most important values to differentiate us from our competitors.

Vision - Goals:

To be a leader in providing innovative business solutions using emerging technologies for the global market.
We strive to become a global software company. We are passionate in helping businesses through innovative technologies to reach and maximize their business dreams.
To provide competent and scalable solutions and products to IT marketplace.
Increase all resources to expand the operations.
To develop and maintain best possible HR policies.
To become pro-active partner in the success of our clients.
Key technology areas in upcoming time for iConwey would be E-commerce web solutions, Business Intelligence, Pocket Devices Development, Embedded Systems Development, and Network Programming.
Providing Innovative and quality IT solutions to customers located in various segments of various markets and to ignite self growth by enabling the industry high-end IT implementations.

Mission - How we will get there:

To make our motto; “where ability, oportunity and success are in harmony” permeate everything we do, while developing and investing in business technologies to help organizations worldwide streamline their operations.

By involving our people in this process through CPE (Continuous Professional Education), motivation and training.
By continuously setting objectives at functional levels and monitor them regularly.
By continuously setting quality plan to deliver highest level of customer satisfaction.
By continuously learning & implementing new, better technologies & processes in our software and business solutions development.
By continuously adapting our processes and our service delivery to match (if not exceed) our clients' expectations.
By providing our clients with solutions that are innovative, value for money, robust and suitable.
By making a difference in the lives of people (clients, employees, financers, partners, vendors etc.) and letting them experience the iConwey way of doing business.
By continuously adapting our processes and our service delivery to match (if not exceed) our clients' expectations.

Our Values - What we stand for

Customers Focus:

We bring Flexibility, Technical Expertise, Speed and Cost benefits to the doorstep of our customers.

Solution Orientation:

We treat each problem as a first step towards finding a solution which makes difference to our customers.

Decision Making:

We believe Decisions are never right – we take them and then work very hard to make them right.


Integrity, Honor and Pride. We honor our Commitments. We value individuals and their rights to express disagreement.


We believe in conducting ourselves in an honest and ethical manner with clients, vendors and each other.

Operational Excellence:

We insist on adoption of emerging technologies by upgrading knowledge and skills, embed industry’s best practices in improving performance of various functions and optimization of costs.


We feel learning is a continuous process essential for growth as professionals and as human beings.

Legal Compliance:

Our services comply with applicable national and international regulations and legislations.

Why iConwey

Success in today’s market depends primarily on quality, technology and affordability. At iConwey we understand this perfectly. iConwey brings advantages to clients on the following fronts:


We follow a strict process procedure, which allows us to work productively with clients, saving time and maintaining the highest level of quality.

Low Costs:

Can effectively offer lowest prices due to our network of resources across different part of the globe.

Quick and Customized Solutions:

We have the best strategy and business consultants amongst are team, this allows us to understand the clients exact needs and develop the perfect solution for him.

Expertise in diverse technologies and domains
Development using Industry Best Practices
Proper Infrastructure to undertake your project
Delivery of Quality solution on Deadline
Competitive Pricing
Intellectual Property Rights protection
24*7 Service Support
Solution for unforeseen problems without any cost

iConwey Team

iConwey team members are well qualified and experienced in the technology platforms they work. Personnel are trained and retrained, that make them as masters in the chosen area.

Adaptation of cutting edge iSPEED methodology for Project Management with Extreme Programming Software Engineering practices has empowered the team to deliver solutions effectively.

In our camp you will find certified professionals having extensive experience of industry.In this competitive market it is becoming necessary to think strategically with strong customer orientation. Various teams of developers work together with a collective motive to achieve success in their projects using cutting edge technologies.

A Few benefits of working with us:

Flexible working environment.
Flexibility of time when we are sure of deliverables by the individual.
Open work atmosphere with disciple being followed.
Talent is being encouraged to develop and contribute its best in the company.
Friendly atmosphere amongst team members, leaders and authorities.
We encourage and promote re-employment of skilled people.
Leaders motivate members through sessions on goal setting, enhancing skills and learning new technologies.
Proper footage and space is given to the talent to learn new skills and technology.
Being provided with all facilities and care, people ensure their commitment towards company and their work. Which in turn build a bond between them and company. And when such a team serves you with its best, you are guaranteed with success and satisfaction.